'Nakba Day' protests
'Nakba Day' protestsIm Tirzu

The greater majority of Israeli college students oppose anti-Israel protests on campus, according to a new poll released Sunday. 

Nationalist group Im Tirzu questioned 200 students in 4 college campuses across Israel on their Zionism and Jewish identity in a survey marking the end of the academic year. 

The survey, which was held at Haifa University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Hai College and Sapir College, revealed that 73% of respondents do not support the commonly-held belief touted by the media that allowing 'Nakba Day' or other anti-Israel protests on campus is acceptable on the basis of allowing free thought and expression. 

Just 25% support holding such demonstrations. 

In addition, just 16% of students polled believe the State of Israel should be a binational state, whereas 77% believe that the government must strengthen Israel's identity as a Jewish state. 

On the question of whether Israel should maintain sovereignty over the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, 63% of students responded that maintain Israeli sovereignty on the Mount, compared with 22% who support relinquishing sovereignty. 

"The survey results show that most of the student body in Israel attaches great importance to maintaining a Jewish identity, as well as a Zionist and democratic state of Israel," Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirzu, stated Sunday.

"Unfortunately, there is a worrying gap between the fact that most student population are Zionists - who serve in the reserves, who want to maintain Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount and who oppose the lies such as 'Nakba' - and the fact that the leaders of higher education in Israel think it is legitimate to hold demonstrations against the very existence of Israel on campus."

"We will continue to act on campuses across the country to strengthen Zionist values in ​​academia," he added.