Documents Show US 'Routinely Spied' on Brazil
Documents Show US 'Routinely Spied' on Brazil

New documents posted on the website Wikileaks purportedly show that the United States regularly spied on senior members of the Brazilian government.

According to Wikileaks, "The publication proves that not only President Dilma Rousseff was targeted but also her assistant, her secretary, her chief of staff, her palace office and even the phone in her presidential jet."

This is not the first time evidence of the US spying on Brazil has come out. Rousseff canceled an official visit to Washington in 2013, after information provided by Edward Snowden showed that the NSA had tapped into her phones and e-mail.

Only last week Rousseff expressed faith in President Barack Obama's assurance that the United States is no longer spying on friendly countries. However, Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange says that the espionage programs are still being carried out.

According to the latest documents, the NSA spied on Brazil in order to promote American economic interests, rather than to ensure the country's security.