Judge Asher Grunis
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Asher Grunis, who finished his term as head of the Supreme Court this January, has announced that he will head the committee to choose Israel's next attorney general.

The current attorney general, Yehuda Weinstein, has held the position since 2010 and will step down next year.

The Israeli justice system has been criticized for its increasing control and lack of openness. The Supreme Court's powers are far more reaching than in most other democracies and the Court has a de facto veto over new appointments to its ranks.

The Court has taken a very active role in the government's actions and regularly takes stances that are far more leftist than what most Israelis desire.

The attorney general plays the dual role of both chief legal council to the government and head of the public prosecution system. Should the governments' actions need to be investigated, the same attorney general who previously advised the administration would be responsible for conducting the investigation.

Grunis is in a position to influence the legal advice and criticism which the government will receive over the coming years.