Daniella Weiss
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Daniella Weissco-founder of the Nachala Land of Israel movement and a longtime leader of the effort to settle and develop Judea and Samaria, told Arutz Sheva on Friday that the government still needs to comprehend the importance of the Jewish presence in the region.

Relating to the recent streak of terrorist attacks during Ramadan, she noted, "we've gone through an horrific week, and they're talking about increasing the movement of Arabs on the roads, but there's something else - for years in the framework of Gush Emunim and now in Nachala we talk as much as possible about the need to establish new communities."

"The Zionist enterprise needs to continue because in a place where there are no Jews, there's murder and seizing control by Arabs on state land."

Weiss said that in recent days she has received requests from political sources to establish new communities. The government has been implementing a covert freeze on Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria since late 2013.

"After the shocking incidents they started to contact me: 'so Daniella, when are you going up to a new community?' Finally they're understanding that the other side is raising its head because we aren't acting. Different people from different parties contacted me, including MKs, even ministers but I won't give names."

She announced in that in her Nachala movement, "there are many hundreds of families who are ready at any moment to establish a community. We don't need a minister or a deputy minister to contact me, I'm telling you that in a few hours we can establish ten communities."

Noting on how the politicians only now contacted her with the request to develop new towns after the recent wave of terror, she added, "there are hundreds of families ready to go up now to the land and there's no need to wait for a bloodbath here."

Weiss revealed that the movement has held tours to find suitable locations on state land that Arab squatters have illegally built on, in the Jordan Valley, western and northern Samaria, the "Gav Hahar" region near Shechem (Nablus) in Samaria, as well as the Judean mountains.

The locations include areas "that were given permits to establish communities and all that's waiting it to give it a green light. I very much hope that the government of Israel won't need more shaking like these (terror attacks) to understand that the Zionist enterprise isn't dependent on (US President Barack) Obama or Europe but rather on the will of the state of Israel to continue the Zionist enterprise."