Eden Har'el, an Israeli actress and television host, became a host on MTV Europe when she was only 18 years old. She later went to India for a year, where she lived in a Buddhist monastery. These days she has rediscovered her Judaism and has become more observant.

Arutz Sheva caught up with Har’el at the fourth “With All Your Heart” conference on worshipping G-d which took place in Tel Aviv.

The conference brings together Israelis from across the spectrum who share the common desire to worship G-d. In addition to Har’el, speakers include Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu of Tzfat, Adva Biton, mother of Adelle Biton, and journalist Sivan Rahav-Meir.

The most important message, according to Har’el, is that “worshipping G-d should be done with love. Every time people do something - whether they are saying a blessing, preparing for Shabbat, whatever they do - they should do it with meaning, with love and with the fire of wanting to do it.”

“I’ve always said that I’ve been a seeker all my life. Even when I was at MTV Europe, I was looking for other things - to bring meaning into life,” she said.

Working for MTV, said Har’el, “was great. It was great money and great fame, but I felt that there was no meaning. I felt that I was doing things like a soldier. I went on a journey to look for a meaning.”