NetanyahuGPO photo

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu paid a visit Thursday to the CyberSpark Industry Initiative in Be'er Sheva and spoke about the deadly ISIS attack in Sinai yesterday.

"Until a few months ago, when we said ISIS was operating on our borders, people were skeptical, and here we see before our eyes how ISIS acts with extraordinary cruelty on both our northern and our southern border," said Netanyahu.

The prime minister added: "our hearts are with the Egyptian people and we send our condolences to the Egyptian government and the families whose loved ones have fallen in the struggle against terrorist savagery."

Netanyahu linked the incidents to the negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 powers on the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

"The actions we are seeing from ISIS are nothing compared to the capabilities that the Iranian regime is building,” he said, reiterating a message featured in a recent Israeli foreign ministry video.

“Obviously, no one who is of sound mind would give ISIS nuclear weapons, but currently, in the talks the world powers are holding with Iran, they are giving this extremist state that spreads terror throughout the world the ability to develop an arsenal of nuclear weapons; a great number of nuclear bombs with their means of delivery – long-range missiles. And so we stand here facing two threats: the threat of ISIS, and the threat of Iran.”

"We do not need to strengthen one at the expense of the other,” Netanyahu explained. “We have to weaken both, and prevent both from aggressing and arming. I'm telling you, that in the face of these dark forces, which suppress human rights and murder people and hang them in town squares – in the face of these forces, what we are promoting here in the CyberSpark at Be'er Sheva is progress.”