No longer science fiction?
No longer science fiction?Thinkstock

Imagine turning your entire world into a touchscreen - business presentations, computer games, lectures, all accessible whenever, wherever, literally at your fingertips.

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but thanks to Israeli technology "The Bird" is very real - at least in prototype form.

You really have to see it to believe it:

The Bird's creator, founder and CEO of MUV International Rami Parham, says Israel's success in the hi-tech field - particularly startups, with the largest number per-capita of any country in the world - is no coincidence.

"Israeli culture is indeed the best environment for groundbreaking startups," he said.

"We are emphasizing challenging authority," he said of Israelis. "We are raising kids that once they see a situation or a device they think 'I can do it better' and 'how can I do it better?'"