Benjamin Netanyahu attends the Jerusalem Day official ceremony
Benjamin Netanyahu attends the Jerusalem Day official ceremonyFlash 90

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today, upon receiving the main annual assessment of the Jewish People Policy Institute for 2014-2015, that “there is no future for the Jewish people without the state of Israel and there is no future for diaspora Jews without the Jewish state.”

The report indicated that the total number of Jews in the world, including the offspring of mixed marriages, has reached 16 million - nearly the 16.6 million of 1939 before the Nazi genocide began.

Netanyahu noted that “in order to secure the people’s future one should secure the future of the state. The state of Israel is under an attack on its very existence from two sources: the first is the physical one, due to Iran’s attempt to arm itself with nuclear weapons, and the second is the global campaign of delegitimation, denying our right to exist.”

“We work to ensure that Israel will have the physical means to defend its citizens and wage a determined struggle against the trends of boycotting Israel and denying its right to exist,” he added.

According to Netanyahu, “the key to dealing with these threats is a proactive approach – not mere defense, but also denouncing those who defame us and attempt to harm us” .