At an event honoring the Ateret Cohanim foundation, Americans Friends of Ateret Cohanim founder Bernie Hoenig praised the organization for giving people "the opportunity to be part of Jewish history."

Speaking to Arutz Sheva at the event, Honeig stressed the foundation's work to "preserve Jerusalem, which is more than just a city...Jerusalem is the heart of the Jewish people. It's the heartbeat, it's the blood that flows through our veins."

"We have to do for Jerusalem wherever we are," he added, "whether we're in the United States, or England, or South Africa or Canada. Every Jew has to do something for the city of Jerusalem because that's where our heart belongs."

Honeig concluded by urging people to help support both Jerusalem and Ateret Cohanim, and "not be afraid" to support a cause like this, which aims to "rebuild Jerusalem."