Chairman of UNHRC commission of enquiry into Gaza war Mary McGowan Davis
Chairman of UNHRC commission of enquiry into Gaza war Mary McGowan DavisReuters

The grassroots-Zionist "Im Tirzu" movement has revealed that many Israeli far-left organizations such as Adalah, B’tselem, Breaking the Silence, Yesh Din and others are behind much of the witness testimonies and documents which were brought forth before the William Shabas's Commission of Inquiry into the 2014 Gaza war.

Among others, there are 72 references to reports by B’tselem, 8 references to Adalah, 8 references to ‘Breaking the Silence’, 12 references to ‘HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual, 5 references to ‘Yesh Din - Volunteers for Human Rights’, and more.

Im Tirtzu gained prominence in 2009, when a report it commissioned revealed that 92% of the testimonies provided by Israeli organizations and presented before the UN commission on Operation Cast Lead, the Goldsone Commission, were organizations which were financially supported by the radical-left New Israel Fund.

Responding to the latest findings, Matan Peleg, CEO of the "Im Tirzu" movement, said: “The Schabas Report is concrete evidence of the extent of the massive damage caused by the Israeli delegitimization organizations, who, funded and commissioned by foreign governments and foreign funds, strive to isolate Israel on the global and international stage.

“It should be noted that organizations such as B’tselem, Breaking the Silence, Adalah and others which are mentioned in the report, are not only supported by Foreign State Entities and the New Israel Fund, but also by radical Arab-Palestinian funds which are in close contact with terror organizations in Judea and in Samaria as well as in Gaza, Peleg added.

We call upon the government of Israel to act immediately against those organizations which would seek to defame Israel under the mantle and the guise of caring Israeli citizenship, when in reality we are dealing with foreign agents in all respects and for all intents and purposes.”

The revelation comes as the Knesset is set to debate once again a bill aimed at curbing the billions of dollars in funding by foreign - mostly European - governments, to far-left NGOs in Israel aimed at undermining Israeli government policy and even in some cases supporting terrorism.