Hamas terrorists in Gaza parade
Hamas terrorists in Gaza paradeAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

The UN's fact-finding mission on Gaza has ignited the Israeli political spectrum, as politicians and the public condemn the report for harboring anti-Israel bias. 

In the face of this bias, Ezri Tubi, the spokesperson for the Samaria community of Yitzhar, has taken "Imagine," by John Lennon - a song now associated heavily with leftist organizations and human rights groups - to explain the facts on the ground. 

"Imagine," he begins. "Imagine yourselves driving with your family and being targeted by rocks."

"Imagine a nightmare of terrorists penetrating your house in the middle of the night, slaughtering your family," he continues. "Imagine missiles exploding in your city on a regular basis, killing innocent civilians." 

"Imagine murderers digging under your house to butcher you, [and] zealots using their time and money to destroy you rather than improving their own lives," he adds. "Imagine a tiny country, measuring only 14,000 square miles, surrounded by 22 hostile countries." 

"Imagine all ruthless terror groups in your region had only one thing in common: you - eliminated." 

Tubi gives a number of other examples as well, including Israel's struggle against Iran and its nuclear program and the "self-righteous, hypocrite world" who condemns Israel for trying to protect itself.

"Imagine this is reality," he said. 

Peace and hypocrisy

Tubi spoke to Arutz Sheva about the making of the film, and his song choice. 

"This is a great song with an endearing message - a manifesto of the desire for peace," he noted, "but also a self-righteous hypocrisy that can turn ugly. Accusing Israel of war crimes is hypocrisy and this blindness will eventually backfire against the self-righteous themselves." 

"The video is centered around concentric circles," he added. "[It begins with a] description of terrorism against settlers in Judea and Samaria, to rockets and tunnels directed against all citizens, on to describe the general situation in the Middle East to global hypocrisy in relation to the State of Israel."

"Make no mistake - we are at war and this is not the time to be modest!" he concluded. "Anyone who can contribute uniquely to the brutal and anti-Semitic war being waged against Israel and the world - must do something."