Footage has surfaced of a close call on Highway 443 for a medical organization director, after a truck on Highway 443 appears to have deliberately rammed her car from behind. 

It is not known at this point whether the driver was an Arab, but a large proportion of Israel's truck drivers are Arab. In addition, there have been numerous vehicular terror attacks against Jews, in recent months. 

A regional director for the Yad Sarah medical charity was traveling on her way back from work at the Hillel Yaffe medical center near Hadera last Thursday to the organization's Jerusalem branch, when she felt a jolt from behind. 

Luckily, the car's driver was able to veer into the left lane at the last moment, and to stop without crashing dangerously into the median. 

Yad Sarah praised the driver for proceeding "with caution, alertness and attention to what is happening on the road."

"The truck driver did not bother to stop, and after hitting - fled, as if nothing had happened," the organization continued.

The director was rushed to hospital with neck pain; the windows on her vehicle shattered, but the Yad Sarah sticker on the windshield appears to have prevented more shards from hitting her.

The Yad Sarah organization, which lends thousands of pieces of medical equipment for free to Israeli hospital patients, is convinced that the director's involvement in charity work prevented greater harm, due to a Torah principle that people involved in a mitzvah (good deed - ed.) are not harmed. 

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