Lod's Mayor Yair Revivo spoke to Arutz Sheva on Sunday about the loss of resident Danny Gonen, 25, who was murdered in Friday’s shooting attack in the Binyamin region.

According to Revivo, this is Devorah Gonen's third loss in three years. Both her husband and granddaughter passed away in recent years, before her eldest son Danny was killed. 

"The city of Lod bows its head in response to the murder of one of its sons, Danny Gonen, in a terror attack at the hands of a vile terrorist murderer," Revivo mourned. 

"This heinous act of murder reminds us of the painful reality that atrocities are carried out against Jews, simply because they are Jews."

"Instead of dealing with the culture wars plaguing us now," Revivo continued, "we must stand united against our enemies who rise up to destroy us, for among them are those who have only one culture - a culture of murder and terror."

At the funeral for Gonen on Saturday night, both Devorah Gonen and Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel eulogized Danny, stressing his love for the state of Israel, with Ariel vowing to continue strengthening Judea and Samaria in Danny's memory.