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National Security Adviser Susan Rice gave Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton praise on Thursday, but unwittingly pointed out some of the major international policy failings and flip-flops that the former US Secretary of State was behind.

Host Mark Halperin of Bloomberg's "With All Due Respect" asked Rice what Clinton's biggest accomplishments were as secretary of state, at which she said Clinton's accomplishments have to be viewed in context of those of the Obama administration.

Video of the exchange, uploaded by Washington Free Beacon, can be seen below.

Rice began by saying the administration was "able to bring to conclusion two long and costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and she (Clinton) was very much involved in supporting those transitions."

Listing as an accomplishment the withdrawal from Iraq, which came despite the advice of key generals who warned such a move would prove disastrous, may strike many as an unwitting indictment of Clinton and the administration given the current state of chaos reigning in Iraq.

The vacuum created by the pullout from Iraq, which as Rice noted was largely pushed by Clinton, allowed Islamic State (ISIS) to fill the void. ISIS was initially spurned by US President Barack Obama as a "JV squad" of Al Qaeda, and since they have seized power of large swathes of Iraq and Syria he has admitted he still has no strategy against them.

Rice then spoke about Clinton's work advancing the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement - which Clinton now opposes.

"We’ve been negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement to bring that to fruition," Rice said. "We are looking forward to obtaining Trade Promotion Authority from Congress. That is another significant accomplishment."

Before launching her presidential run Clinton vocally supported TPP, but with the start of her campaign she went silent on the move which Democrats are staunchly opposing, as leftist groups and labor unions warn it could harm domestic employment.

After being criticized by her Democratic presidential opponent Bernier Sanders for remaining silent, Clinton recently spoke out against Obama and opposed the TPP deal which she herself worked to create.