Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Canada's Prime Minister Stephen HarperReuters

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced a string of additional measures his government will take to confront the "developing jihadist terror threat," according to the Canadian Israeli Hebrew-language news site CIJ News.

The measures include increasing the funding of the Canadian intelligence organization CSIS, in order to improve Canada's ability to thwart both home-grown terror attacks, as well as threats from abroad.

The move is also meant to block Canadian terrorists from leaving the country to join terror groups, where they can gain new skills, and potentially bring them back to the country to be used against the Canadian population.

Likewise the income tax authority of Canada, the CRA, will receive large resources to locate charitable NGOs which covertly transfer funds to terror organizations.

Funding for the biometric data collection project is also to be increased so as to more closely monitor foreign citizens arriving in Canada on a visa, in the hopes of weeding out terror threats.

Harper on May 21 announced an increase in funding for the federal police (RCMP) as well as the border control authority (CBSA).

The 2015 budget gives the government additional legal tools allowing it to reject requests to issue passports, to cancel passports or negate the validity of passports for citizens defined as "dangerous passengers" - in other words, people leaving Canada in order to join terrorist organizations.