New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) delivered an impassioned speech on the floor of the NY State Assembly on Thursday morning, arguing for the passage of an anti-BDS Resolution fighting the economic attack against the Jewish state.

The resolution, which was sponsored by Assemblyman Walter T. Mosley, passed nearly unanimously in a voice vote in the state Assembly.

"From 1948 until this day, I don’t think a week has gone by without an attempt to attack civilians in the state of Israel," said Hikind. "Today, no one wants to be called anti-Semitic, so they’ve found a way around it. Today it’s called anti-Zionism."

Hikind praised Mosley for the resolution, and promised that a bill on anti-BDS legislation will follow.

That bill is to ban the state's pension fund from doing business with companies that boycott Israel, and it follows a series of similar bills passed by overwhelming majorities in other US states, most recently in Illinois, which ban the states from investing in companies which in any way participate in a boycott of Israel.

The Illinois bill is one of the strongest anti-BDS moves in state legislature passed recently, following similar moves by Indiana and Tennessee.