Erdan tours eastern Jerusalem
Erdan tours eastern JerusalemInternal Security Min.

The new Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Erdan (Likud), conducted his first tour on the job Thursday, in eastern Jerusalem.

The minister met residents of Jewish neighborhoods Ma'ale Hazeitim and Shiloah (Silwan in Arabic), who have been under near daily attacks from their Arab neighbors with firebombs, rocks and fireworks for years.

He also met some of the police officers who provide security for the residents of the area.

"Our test for sovereignty and governance begins in Jerusalem,” Erdan said. “I intend to conduct a permanent enforcement forum on the subject of the capital, in order to monitor the status of security and rioting there. We must treat with severity the hurling of firebombs and the firing of fireworks on the Jewish population in eastern Jerusalem.”

Erdan also said he would work to pass legislation that would punish the parents of minors who are involved in the violent activity in the city. Such bills were announced during the previous government's term but were not passed.

Erdan also visited the Arab neighborhood of Shuafat, and spoke about the municipal and civilian aspects of Israel's rule in the eastern part of Jerusalem. “I expect the Jerusalem Municipality to express our sovereignty in the eastern city's neighborhoods, through governmental actions.”

Video shot and uploaded by Arabs last October showed multiple launches of fireworks at Ma'ale Hazeitim, a Jewish neighborhood on the Mount of Olives, overlooking the Temple Mount.