Jordan Valley
Jordan Valley Flash 90

Members of youth organization World Beitar who are visiting Israel from Australia toured the Jordan Valley Wednesday, as part of the volunteer work they have undertaken – helping farmers in the region tend their crops.

In addition to working in agriculture, the volunteers will help repair homes for the elderly, as well as run educational programs for youth.

The volunteers met Wednesday with IDF General Ofir Livius, Commander of the Valley Brigade. He spoke with the volunteers about Zionism, and especially about the importance of the Jordan Valley.

They also met with David Alhiani, head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, who told the volunteers that they were involved in “true Zionism.” He thanked the volunteers for their help.

Neria Meir, the head of World Beitar, said that “the Jordan Valley is a main element in the spine of Israel. Although there are calls to boycott products from there and from Israel in general, we will continue to work on behalf of Israel.

There is no doubt that Beitar members who volunteer in Israel do so out of a desire to help, and with great motivation to assist and strengthen Jewish settlement in this part of Israel,” he added.