Louvre, Paris (file)
Louvre, Paris (file)Thinkstock

The District Governor of Ile De France has contacted the State Attorney's Office on Monday, after the French newspaper Liberation reported that two prominent historical sites turned away a group of students from the Tel Aviv University (TAU) Art History program last month.

According to the report, both the Louvre art museum and the Sainte-Chapelle church rejected tour requests from the group on the basis of their nationality. 

Both the Louvre museum management and the Sainte-Chapelle responded that internal investigations have been opened; the latter claims that, as of Monday, there is no proof that discrimination motivated the tour rejection. 

Tel Aviv University said that "the university is working to ensure its students free access wherever research activity is taking place."

Anti-Semitism has been on the rise in Europe, and France in particular, in the past year, with acts of violence positively skyrocketing.

In 2014 alone, 164 violent anti-semitic incidents occurred in France - more than any other European nation.