US negotiating team meets with Iranian counterparts for nuclear talks
US negotiating team meets with Iranian counterparts for nuclear talks Reuters

An Israeli delegation will fly to Washington on Monday for a final round of talks with senior US officials about Iran, ahead of a June 30 deadline for a final deal on Tehran's nuclear program. 

According to a Haaretz report on Thursday, the delegation will be headed by National Security Adviser Yossi Cohen with the troop one of several efforts to boost communication between Israel and the US before the deal's looming deadline. 

A senior Israeli official said Cohen will meet with White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice, as well as the the top US negotiators in talks between Iran and the P5+1 world powers. 

Apart from Cohen, the Israeli delegation will consist of experts from the National Security Council, the Foreign Ministry, the Atomic Energy Commission and the Defense Ministry. 

The official told Haaretz one of the delegation's goals is to discuss the fine details of the emerging agreement as well as suggest necessary improvements. 

Israel has also been in contact with the European countries party to the negotiations, with Cohen having traveled to Paris and London last week to meet with France and Britain's head negotiators. 

Since his March speech before Congress panning the deal, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has maintained his objection to the impending accord. 

"I know I’m often portrayed as the nuclear downer," Netanyahu said at the Herzliya Conference on Tuesday. "And that would be fine if I was the only voice against the deal with Iran." 

"But I speak with quite a few of our neighbors, more than you might think, and I want to tell you that nobody in this region believes this deal will block Iran’s path to the bomb."

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