A Torah dedication ceremony was held Wednesday night in Elad, in memory of Eyal Yifrah, one of three teen boys kidnapped from the Gush Etzion junction and murdered at the hands of Palestinian terrorists one year ago. 

Uri Yifrah, Eyal's father, spoke with Arutz Sheva at the ceremony. 

"These days last year were days of prayer and crying, days of wonderful unity, and here we are a year later, all the residents of the city against reunited around the Torah scroll written in memory of Eyal."

"In the place where the sounds of Eyal's funeral procession began, will not be heard voices of happiness and life, a life of Torah and love because Torah is the way of life," Yifrah continued.

"I am confident that Eyal himself is with us this evening and feeling a deep happiness as Eyal wrote in his diary: 'valiantly for God in heaven.' So must we all take strength from the young wonderful Eyal, who has not stopped acting though his body is no longer with us."

"On this day, we borrowed Eyal as if it were his wedding day. We have celebrated with him," Yifrah said, adding, "may the Messiah come soon and with him the resurrection that we may see Eyal among us soon."