Gaza explosion (file)
Gaza explosion (file)Reuters

The interior ministry of the Hamas terrorist organization government in Gaza has accused sources in the Palestinian Authority (PA) of being behind a string of bombings that have plagued the coastal enclave in recent weeks.

The Hamas ministry claimed political and security sources in the PA were behind the explosions, and that they had launched the attacks to try and destabilize security in the Hamas terror stronghold, reports Yedioth Aharonoth.

Despite the unity deal signed between Hamas and the PA last April, tensions have remained high between the two rivals, with Fatah and Hamas officials in Gaza, Judea and Samaria becoming targets in mysterious assassination attempts over recent months.

As for the bombings, not only have Hamas training camps and the Hamas security headquarters been targeted, but so has been the Gaza home of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, casting some doubt as to the PA's role in the attacks.

Despite the accusations against the PA - whose Fatah party members are closely monitored in Gaza - a more likely culprit is the growing number of Salafist-jihadist factions intent on challenging Hamas's rule.

Indeed, in recent weeks Hamas arrested scores of Salafists in Gaza, claiming that they were involved in the bombings. 

Those arrests have accompanied an uptick in tensions between local Salafist groups affiliated with Islamic State (ISIS) and Hamas, and last month led to an ISIS-affiliate in the Sinai Peninsula claiming it launched two "bombs" at Hamas posts in Gaza.

ISIS has been building its power in Gaza, and has threatened to destroy Hamas and replace it, for what it sees as Hamas's refusal to fully implement Islamic law (Sharia) in Gaza and accepting a ceasefire in hostilities with Israel.