"Don't gamble with a nuclear Iran"
"Don't gamble with a nuclear Iran"Screenshot/Clarion Project

The Clarion Project – whose motto is "Challenging Extremism, Promoting Dialogue" – wishes to share with the world an animated version of the nuclear negotiations between the West and Iran. The title: "Super Power Poker."

Starring in the cartoon video of a high-stakes poker game are a beleaguered Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, a lackadaisical and narcissistic US President Obama, a confident and aggressive Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei, and a mostly irrelevant Saudi King Salman.

"The stakes have never been higher," announces the breathless narrator: nothing less than "a nuclear Iran."

The satiric video, which appears to be all too true, makes a serious point, Clarion states: "Don’t gamble with a nuclear Iran."

In its subtext, Clarion explains: "Throughout history, good people have often tried to make deals with bad people, in the hopes of preserving peace. Today, there are those who want to make a deal with Iran. History has not been kind to those who make deals with bad people."

The video's producers conclude without pulling punches: "Be on the right side of history.  Count your name among the righteous who oppose this historically bad deal."