Walter Bingham medals from World War II
Walter Bingham medals from World War II Walter Bingham

21st Century anti-Semitism is disguised as being anti-Israel. They couldn't defeat us by warfare, they cannot subdue us by terror, so our enemies are turning to "lawfare" and BDS - the diplomatic route - with very limited success.

The Prime Minister spoke of international accusations for building homes in Gilo, but no protests or resolutions by UN Human Rights Committees against thousands of dead in Syria and elsewhere and more.

Also: Culture in Israel, particularly music has adopted much western influence. For the past five years the Israel Opera Company has staged a fantastic festival of Opera at the foot of the Masada Mountain. Hear Walter's report.

The 6,500 audience to see Tosca at Masada
The 6,500 audience to see Tosca at Masada Yossi Zwecker

In part two: In a repeat of his broadcast of 9 years ago, Walter talks of Israel's attitude and actions vis-a-vis the world and about the timidity and subservience of Israel's leadership to the dictates of Europe and why that must stop.   

We must assert our independence and sovereignty and deal with our enemies as the Maccabees did. That will gain us more international respect than trying for the moral high ground. Political correctness does not serve us well. 

In future conflicts we must substitute the element of surprise in place of giving ridiculously advance indications of the target.

When listening to Walter in this section you will be forgiven if you believe that he talks about today. In the last 30 years, nothing has changed. It's time we act decisively.

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