An exhibit screening an offensive video of naked men and women playing tag in the very same gas chamber where Nazis murdered Jews in the Holocaust is on display at the Krakow modern art museum in Poland - and is receiving patronage from none other than the Israeli embassy in Poland.

The exhibit opened two weeks ago, and was exposed by Channel 2 on Friday.

Entitled "Poland - Israel - Germany: The Experience of Auschwitz," the exhibit includes artists from all three countries and evidently as a result the Israeli embassy threw its support behind it.

In the video nude people can be seen entering the gas chamber one by one and then starting a game of tag. At the end of the clip a message details that the footage was shot in a gas chamber as well as in a private home basement.

Colette Avital, CEO of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors, contacted the Israeli embassy in Poland demanding answers as to why Israel is providing patronage to an exhibit of such a nature.

Avital told Channel 2 that she "understood that the works were not selected by the embassy or the Foreign Ministry. However, and despite freedom of speech, there are parts of the exhibit that are repulsive and offensive."

Patronage for the exhibit featuring Israeli artists should not have been awarded automatically, argued Avital.

"I expect the embassy to remove the patronage or else demand from the exhibit's curators and organizers that they remove the video immediately," she urged.

A response from the Foreign Ministry had not yet been received by Channel 2 at the time of the report's publication.