As supporters of the Jewish state paraded through central Manhattan Sunday, in the Celebrate Israel parade, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent them this message of support:

"Our dear friends,

I salute you for saluting Israel.

Israel has no greater friend than America. America has no greater friend than Israel.  

I salute you from Jerusalem, the capital of our people for 3,000 years and the united capital of Israel for the last 48 years.

I send warm greetings to the thousands of you honoring Israel at the 2015 Celebrate Israel Parade.

You have gathered to express your solidarity with the one and only Jewish state. And in so doing, you are sending a powerful message of support for the essential justice of Israel's cause.

 In this turbulent region of the Middle East, where countries are imploding, militant Islam runs rampant, terrorists butcher the innocent and human rights are routinely trampled upon, Israel stands out as a beacon of freedom and human rights, as a model of tolerance and diversity and as the one country in which the equal rights of all citizens are fiercely protected under the law.

 So as you salute Israel today in the streets of Manhattan, know that you are standing up for what is right and what is just.

 Thank you. God bless you."