US dollars
US dollarsIsrael news photo: Flash 90

More than 130 ex-Nazis, including SS guards, may have collected over $20.2 million in retirement benefits, according to the Social Security Administration's inspector general.

The I-G stated that, of those funds, $5.7 million were paid to individuals who played an active role in Nazi war crimes during the second World War and were deported; $14 million was paid to individuals who were alleged or found guilty of crimes but stayed in the US. 

A full report on the findings will be released next week, according to the Associated Press

In October, a separate Associated Press (AP) investigation revealed that millions of dollars have been paid to war crimes suspects and former SS guards even after they were forced out of the United States.

The White House responded to the AP revelation by saying it was of the position that former Nazis should not be collecting Social Security benefits.

In December, US President Barack Obama signed a bill stripping Nazis of social security and other benefits after it was unanimously approved by the House of Representatives.