May Golan faces off against an infiltrator
May Golan faces off against an infiltrator Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

May Golan, Director of the NGO Hebrew City, told Arutz Sheva on Thursday she is furious over the government's decision to transfer 56 million shekels (nearly $14.5 million) in order to build kindergartens and preschools for the children of illegal immigrants.

The infiltrators are receiving a prize from the government for breaking the law according to Golan, who said, "instead of investing in us, in the children of Hatikva neighborhood (in southern Tel Aviv where many infiltrators are living - ed.) the government is investing money in the children of the infiltrators. This is a shocking decision."

Describing the move, she explained how the fund compensates "parents who both work and can put their children in normal kindergartens, but they chose to put them in alternative kindergartens, in children storerooms in order to save money."

She emphasized that the infiltrators are breaching the law by their very presence in Israel, and without paying taxes they are now being compensated and receiving free nursery schools, "something that isn't given to any other person who pays taxes."

Particularly in southern Tel Aviv, where Golan is from and focuses her activities, the massive presence of illegal immigrants has been accompanied by a rapid rise in brutal crime. Statistics have proven that the infiltrators are not refugees but rather work migrants, despite the protestations of leftist groups.

Golan, who ran for the Knesset on the list of Otzma Leyisrael - the forerunner to Otzma Yehudit - back in 2013, said she has no hopes for the newly sworn in government.

"We started (pushing for action on the infiltrator issue - ed.) with Interior Minister Eli Yishai, we moved to Gideon Sa'ar, Gilad Erdan and now Silvan Shalom," she recalled. "My expectations aren't high, after all there's been a right-wing government for seven years, a government that makes promises and doesn't stand by any of them."

The activist continued, "I really hope that the solution will come from this government, for if the problem is not solved there will be a tragedy for generations here. Look at what's happening in France, there too infiltrators arrived and they put them in suburbs, and today you almost don't see any French people for all the infiltrators. That's what will happen here."

Addressing the new interior minister under whose jurisdiction the matter falls, Golan said, "I implore Minister Silvan Shalom: solve the problem because it's just growing bigger; today they understand that they can live above the law, and they have a fleet of lawyers from leftist organizations."

"If there will be a need we will establish protest tents in front of the Prime Minister's Residence, in front of the Interior Ministry and in front of the court, I call on everyone to join us."

At a time when children in southern Tel Aviv receive no benefits Golan expressed her shock that the children of illegal immigrants are getting funds, noting, "we will continue to deteriorate in the neighborhoods and live in an impossible situation."

"I don't remember an emergency government meeting being called when women were raped or murdered here," said Golan. "Seven years of shouts and nothing has moved."

"This is a struggle over the identity of the state of Israel," she concluded.