Jerusalem Day
Jerusalem DayYoni Kempinski

After the High Court for Justice rejected demands to cancel the traditional Jerusalem Day Rikudegalim, or flag dance, extreme leftists are now demanding to go one step further: canceling Jerusalem Day itself. 

The Gush Shalom (lit. Block of Peace) movement published a last-minute declaration against the day on Saturday night, claiming the celebration of Israel's sovereignty over the capital and Judea-Samaria is a day "only for settlers and racists, who receive free license to harass Palestinian residents." 

Spokesman Adam Keller claimed to Arutz Sheva on Sunday that the only "real" Jerusalem Day is "when Jerusalem becomes the capital of two states living in peace." 

"A lie does not become truth if repeated for the forty-eighth time," he added. "Jerusalem is not a united city, and has never been a united city for the last forty-eight years since 1967."

"East Jerusalem is Palestinian territory which is under military occupation," he further claimed. "This is exactly the be‎havior of the government and municipal authorities of the State of Israel and the settlers who are controlling the Palestinian residents in funding and backing of these authorities."

"Jerusalem Day is not a holiday for the citizens of Israel or residents of Jerusalem," the group officially declared on Saturday night. This is only a day for young settlers, who have received from the Jerusalem police a free hand." 

"It's time to eliminate the lies and blot this ugly stain from the calendar of the State of Israel," Keller concluded. 

Leftist have waged a fierce battle against Jerusalem Day this year, after several NGOs sent heavily edited footage to the High Court claiming that Jews participating in the flag dance were harassing Arabs.