(Illustrative) Reuters

Two men from New Haven, Connecticut were arrested on Tuesday after storming a Westport synagogue hosting a delegation of the Israel Defense Forces. 

The Hartford Courant reported that Gregory Williams, a student at Yale University's Divinity School, and Daniel Fischer, a community activist with the Middle East Crisis Committee, were both charged with first-degree trespassing and second degree-breach of peace.

According to a Westport police statement, a call was received at around 1 p.m. local time, with complaints of "unwanted people protesting" a luncheon and discussion at Temple Israel featuring IDF soldiers. 

Witnesses believed one of the suspects was carrying a gun as he approached the building, but police said no weapon was found on the premises. 

"A witness had observed one of the men approaching with a shirt over his arm and hand which led some witnesses to believe he was carrying a gun," police elaborated in the statement.

According to the police report, the two suspects entered the synagogue and were immediately confronted by staff who told them to leave. They refused and continued to walk past the staff. 

"Temple Israel staff had to physically prevent them from entering the meeting room," the police report said. "As the two were detained outside the meeting room it was reported that they were shouting various statements regarding the [Israeli Defense Force]."

Enough concern was raised by Williams and Fisher's menacing actions, that several people fled the premises and nearby schools and daycares were put on lockdown. 

In response to the incident, Sen. Toni Boucher called on Yale "to condemn and take the strongest possible action regarding this student. The Divinity program should be a model for peace, tolerance and understanding of all religions in the often hostile world we live in."