Arab throws rocks (file)
Arab throws rocks (file)Flash 90

Rock-throwing terror attacks in and around Jerusalem appear to be getting both more frequent and more intensive, one Israeli motorist related to Channel 20 on Wednesday. 

Last Friday afternoon, Chen Borochov was driving his car through the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of A-Tur. He was on his way home to Almon (also known as Anatot) in the Binyamin region of Judea and Samaria. 

Suddenly, while driving downhill, a huge rock was hurled at his car by "three 11-12 year-old children, wearing school bags," smashing through the right side of the front windshield.

"Needless to say," Borochov related, "if someone had been next to me, he would have certainly died or remained a vegetable for the rest of his lifetime. It's a complete miracle," I survived.

Three days later, on Monday, Borochov was driving in a "supposedly less dangerous neighborhood" of the capital when he was assaulted by Arab rock-throwers again. 

Close to the Western Wall and near the Damascus Gate, his car was sprayed with a hail of stones and rocks. Uninjured, Borochov described the incident as a "bigger miracle" than the attack the previous Friday.

"If the stone that was thrown had penetrated the glass, it would be inside my head, having smashed my skull. And I'm not even talking about all the other stones [being thrown] at the roof and sides of the car," Borochov stated. 

He also spoke about the lackluster response he received when filing a report with the Israel Police. 

"I have no idea what was going through the police officer's head. He wears a uniform with the emblem of the State, but before he asks me how I am, he shouts that I'm a provocateur for putting an Israeli flag on my car."

"That's much worse than the stones in my opinion," Borochov said angrily. "When I went to a file a disciplinary complaint, he told me there was no way he'd be fired from the police. That was it. Sad."