ISIS has carried out many gruesome executions (file)
ISIS has carried out many gruesome executions (file)Screenshot

ISIS terrorists have been giving their murder victims a Mafia-style “hug of death,” hugging individuals convicted of a range of crimes, from adultery to theft to homosexuality, before dispatching them from the world of the living. According to experts, the hugs, a tradition in Arab culture that shows brotherhood, are meant to indicate that although they are being murdered, the victims have “repented” and thus expiated their sins.

Photos and videos published over the weekend by the Daily Beast web site have gone viral, with millions viewing and thousands commenting on the hugs, which took place just minutes before the victims are beheaded. In one specific video, two gay men from Homs in Syria are seen being embraced by two ISIS terrorists – who minutes later stone them to death.

According to experts on Arab culture, the hugs indicate that the offenders have admitted their sin and are prepared to repent, as opposed to being convicted by the testimony of a witness. However, since their death sentence has already been issued by an Islamic court, it must be carried out. According to Islamic law, the stones used to kill an individual must not be big enough to kill him at once – the victim is expected to suffer, sometimes for long minutes, in order to “pay” for his offense.

While a confession doesn't save them from death, it does, according to Islamic belief, render them fit to enter “Jannah,” the Islamic version of paradise, where they are eligible for, among other things, the famous “seventy virgins” that proper Muslims are rewarded with.

According to the Daily Beast, at least some gays were “outed” by ISIS itself, with terrorists setting up “dates” with gay men in order to flush them out. Once they agree to the date, they are arrested and taken to trial in Islamic court.