Anti-Israel boycott movement (file)
Anti-Israel boycott movement (file)Reuters

A Danish group on Monday vowed to expand an advertising campaign urging people to boycott products from "Israeli settlements" - i.e. Jews living in Judea and Samaria - after the ads were dropped from Copenhagen buses for being offensive. 

"It's a clear attempt to deny us our freedom of speech," Fathi El-Abed, chairman of the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association, claimed to AFP after bus operator Movia pulled the campaign last week.

"There is nothing whatsoever about this campaign that is harmful, discriminatory or hateful in any way," he added.

The advertisements on 35 buses in the Copenhagen area pictured two women beside the quote: "Our conscience is clean! We neither buy products from the Israeli settlements nor invest in the settlement industry."

But they were dropped by Movia within just four days after the company "received a significant number of inquiries regarding the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association's campaign against Israeli settlements."

The company declined to comment when contacted by AFP but said in a statement that the campaign was "unnecessarily offensive."

Al-Abed said his group would respond by expanding a national advertising campaign on the same subject.

The campaign surfaces just months after Palestinian Arab terrorist Omar El-Hussein killed two people in a Copenhagen cafe and outside a local synagogue.