Sharon Gal
Sharon GalBasal Awidat/Flash 90

Fresh-faced MK Sharon Gal (Yisrael Beytenu) took no time in acclimating to the Knesset habit of attacking fellow parliamentarians. 

Speaking before the plenum for the first time, in a minute-long speech on Monday, Gal blasted a number of MKs from the Joint Arab List. 

Rejecting remarks made earlier Monday by MK Ahmed Tibi, Gal accused the long-time Arab politician of hypocrisy. 

Against the backdrop of recent Ethiopian Jewish protests in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, which turned violent on Sunday, Tibi alleged that police act violently against Arab protestors when they demonstrate. 

"It's a new Knesset, but the hypocrisy is the same," Gal charged. "I'm referring to Tibi's remarks. I was at the intersection of Umm al-Fahm when Arabs threw stones and shot at police officers in an effort to kill them." 

"Don't preach morality to us," Gal fumed.  

The young MK also attacked the chairman of the Joint Arab List, MK Ayman Odeh, for meeting last week with Palestinian arch-terroristMarwan Barghouti. 

"The first act of the Joint Arab List chairman after the establishment of the Knesset was to visit none other than prisoner and murderer, Marwan Barghouti. That's a new message," Gal relayed

Barghouti is currently serving five life sentences in Israeli prison for his role in planning suicide terror attacks, and is widely believed to have masterminded the second intifada which claimed thousands of Israeli lives from 2000 to 2005.

"We're talking about about a killer convicted of murdering five Israelis," Gal continued, "and on Facebook [Odeh] writes that it was an 'exciting meeting with a [Palestinian] leader who shares my political opinions.' It's MK Ayman Odeh who is confused."