Rescue crews, Nepal
Rescue crews, NepalIDF Spokesperson's office

While hundreds have been rescued from the rubble, Israeli and Nepalese rescue forces are still looking Wednesday for one missing Israeli in the wake of Saturday's devastating earthquake: 22 year-old Or Assaraf, who was last seen in Langtang. 

Despite Or's status as the final missing Israeli, his parents are optimistic. 

"As the hours go by, we are getting reports from people who were there and saw him and reported on where he is," Patrick, Assaraf's father, stated Wednesday to Walla! News. "We are in constant contact with rescue teams and all indications are that everything is fine." 

Assaraf went for a stroll in a park in the hours before the quake, and a family that met him along the way has been in contact with the Assarafs. 

"We are optimistic because the area where he was was hardly hit, and we have received some indications that he survived the quake and is fine," he said. 

Assaraf had been carrying a satellite locating device with him in the event of an emergency, but Patrick was not concerned that it has not yet been activated. 

"He knew only to use it in the event of a tragedy," he said. "There was a signal there for 24 hours after the quake, but the coordinates were not entirely accurate. The rescue teams told us to ignore it, but for me this is a reason to be optimistic." 

As of now, the death toll from the major earthquake stands at 5,006 people, although that number is likely to continue rising as more bodies are dug out of the rubble.

The Nepalese interior ministry estimates that there are thousands more dead who have not yet been reported.