Wheel-chaired man braves cold rain in J
Wheel-chaired man braves cold rain in J Israel news photo: Flash 90

The weather Thursday on Israeli Independence Day looks to be anything but festive. 

As expected, there will be a sharp drop in temperatures as well as strong winds. And the more worrying news is the chance of localized rain in the north, along the coast, and on the mountains. 

There was even snow Thursday morning on Mount Hermon with an hour of snowfall accumulating two-three centimeters (one inch). More snow may fall throughout the day. 

While, it is not likely rain will fall for a majority of the day, temperatures and wind may be cold enough that it would be unpleasant to remain outside. Both the mountains and other areas will be significantly colder than they have been in the last few days. 

For those looking to celebrate the holiday with a traditional barbecue, it may not be possible to keep the fire going with the wind. 

While Thursday will be cold, this weekend will become warm once again with rising temperatures and nonstop sunshine across Israel. 

Next week, temperatures are expected to rise so high that it will begin to feel like summer.