Houthi gunman
Houthi gunmanReuters

Saudi-led coalition jets bombed Houthi rebels in Yemen's third city of Taiz Wednesday, hours after Saudi Arabia announced the end of its military campaign against the Houthis.

A short time earlier, Houthis captured a nearby base where an army brigade loyal to President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi was stationed.

The BBC also reported fighting in the second city of Aden, in Lahj's provincial capital, Huta, and at Daleh.

On Tuesday, Riyadh declared that the month-long air campaign it had led against the rebels was over. After saying the objectives of the campaign, dubbed "Operation Decisive Storm," were achieved, a Saudi defense ministry statement announced it would be replaced by "Operation Restoration of Hope" in Yemen.

But it warned that it would continue to take action against the Houthis as needed.

The new operation will supposedly focus on finding a political solution in Yemen, where the Saudi coalition has aimed to restore Hadi to power. It also is to try and boost security and counter-terrorism in the country and its borders with neighboring Saudi Arabia – leaving the door open to strikes like Wednesday's.

Saudi coalition spokesperson Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri announced in Riyadh that the ending of the airstrike campaign came at the request of Hadi's government.