Moshe Maleko Hy"d
Moshe Maleko Hy"dIDF Spokesman

First Sergeant Moshe Maleko, 20, of Jerusalem, who was killed in Gaza on July 20, 2014, was the fourth of ten brothers and sisters. One of those sisters, Esther, wrote a letter to him for Memorial Day, which was published in Giluy Daat:


On countless moments I speak to you, feel you with me strongly, when I am happy and also when I am sad.

A strong thought guides me on my path – that the terrible thing was God's deed and I ask and believe that He will guide my path, as he guided you and your comrades when you fought bravely, with courage and dedication, and you provided covering fire for your commanders and comrades, under enemy fire.

I am sure that you would do it again and again for our nation and for our country. From the Israel Defense Force, you have joined the Army of God in heaven. As time goes by it becomes clearer, how much your light has touched the Nation of Israel, and circles of light form – the light of Moshe.

That is our victory in the face of our enemies, that your light and that of the nation will continue to get stronger. I take comfort in my heart, because things are good for you there, and you should know that there is no day that I long for more than the Redemption, the Revival of the Dead, when we will meet again.

Moshe, the family and friends were the most important thing in your life, and you gave us – with kindness and love – all the good that was inside you. You were like a fountainhead, full of happiness, giving, love and respect for all people.

I promise you that I will look after both: the united family and the friends, who are our brothers. I know and feel how you look after us and that you only want us to be happy.

Moshe, the heart is torn from love and longing, but every minute, I thank the Holy One, Blessed Be He, that I was worthy of a brother like you! That I received a gift for 20 years. A short gift but one that will live in my heart forever. You were my brother and my good friend. The memories are stored safe in my heart, and your great smile always lights our way.

Moshiko, you were a loving and beloved person. I believe that when a person like that goes, that love remains behind. I love you and am proud of you, our hero!