Ali Mansouri (file)
Ali Mansouri (file) Government Press Office

An Israeli court sentenced an Iranian-born Belgian to seven years in prison on Tuesday after convicting him of spying for Tehran, according to AFP.

Ali Mansouri, then 55, was detained at Ben Gurion international airport in September 2013 carrying photographs of the US embassy in Tel Aviv and other sites, Israel's Shin Bet domestic security service said. He has also gone by the name 'Alex Mans.'

His defense lawyer Avigdor Feldman said he did not expect to appeal.

"The court heard our arguments that the security of Israel was not compromised," Feldman told reporters.

"It was the Iranian secret services who put pressure on him and his family and we feel that this verdict was rather fair and reasonable in view of the circumstances."

According to the indictment, Mansouri was recruited by Iranian intelligence in 2012 for the job of spying on Israel. He entered Israel three times for this purpose, and continuously tried to open a business in Israel in order to provide a cover for an additional Iranian agent, who was to arrive in Israel at a future date.

He met with Iranian intelligence agents several times and received direction from them, the indictment stated. He acted in a clandestine manner, for example, by attempting to conceal his identity.

After each trip to Israel he allegedly met with his Iranian handlers to report on his mission, and to receive instructions regarding his next trip. The information he passed on included details on security at Ben Gurion Airport and photographs of the airport, the United States embassy, and of a security installation.

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