Oppenheimer, on guard duty
Oppenheimer, on guard dutyFacebook (screenshot)

Yariv Oppenheimer, the chairman of extreme leftist group Peace Now, has been called up for IDF reserve duty - and he was placed to guard the very Jewish communities he rallies against. 

Oppenheimer was placed by his commanders outside Mevo Dotan in northern Samaria - the same area he has slated for withdrawals. 

While he has been treated well by the community, a confidante told Arutz Sheva Saturday night, he refuses to change his views against "settlers." 

"I spent Shabbat at an outpost in Samaria," Oppenheimer wrote on his Facebook page Saturday. "This is my civic duty."

"I want to believe that the order will change from maintaining security to an evacuation," he added, "and when it does, my brethren on the Right will feel the same." 

Peace Now is infamous for releasing regular reports on "settlement activity" in Israel's Area C region of Judea-Samaria, many of which have caused Israel international condemnation from the EU and the US. 

Oppenheimer, himself, is well-known for a targeted campaign against legal advocacy group Honenu, sympathizing with terrorists on Twitter, and condemning the IDF for allowing its soldiers to eat at the home of activist Baruch Marzel while stationed in Hevron.