Weapons cache busted
Weapons cache busted Shin Bet

The Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet), the IDF, and the Israel Police busted a Hamas cell planning major attacks during Purim, it was cleared for publication on Tuesday. 

The cell was planning to shoot IDF soldiers on patrol near the Arab settlement of Abu Dis, just outside Jerusalem.

Members bought a Hyundai Elantra for the attack, carried out target practice and gathered information about their targets, but were arrested before being able to successfully launch their assault. Police also confiscated a weapons cache during the bust, including a Kalashnikov and a 9 mm handgun and 40 rounds of ammunition. 

Members of the cell have been named as:

  • Ma'an Nur al-Din Ahmad Shar - leader of the cell, 26, from the Arab village of Burqa, worked at the cafeteria at Abu Dis University; a Hamas terrorist who served in Israeli prison from 2009-2011 after shooting at IDF soldiers.
  • Daud Raja Daud Adwan - 32, resident of Ezriyeh, former inmate with weapons knowledge; heavily involved in planning the attack, which was originally slated for Jerusalem proper. Adwan was also responsible for recruiting a getaway driver. 
  • (It is implied - though not stated - that others were due to be involved in the attacks - ed.)

The two were planning to burn the car to the ground just outside Ezriyeh after the attack, the report added. 

Indictments against the cell will be submitted to the military court in Judea over the next several days.

The Shin Bet added that the cell "indicates Hamas's motivations to carry out attacks in and around Jerusalem and that dangerous Hamas terrorists are returning to terrorism after their release from prison."

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