Economics Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) gave an interview to CNN on Tuesday night, in which he referenced the ancient haggadah text from Pesach (Passover) in describing the Iranian threat.

Bennett slammed the framework deal reached last week as being "worse than the worst case scenario that we had anticipated."

"This is a bad deal that doesn't destroy one centrifuge, doesn't shut down one underground facility and basically paves the way for Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon," he argued.

Citing the Hebrew verse from the haggadah, Bennett continued "it's Passover now, and just a few days ago all Jews read 'in every generation they rise against us to destroy us,' - in every generation there's someone who wants to annihilate the Jewish people."

The continuation of the Hebrew line, which Bennett didn't cite, reads "and the Holy One blessed be He saves us from their hands."

He listed the enemies of the Jewish people from the time of the ancient Egyptians, noting "and now it's Iran that wants to eliminate us."

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