Barley (illustration)
Barley (illustration) Thinkstock

After reenacting the historic Pesach (Passover) sacrifice offering last Wednesday, the Temple Institute together with Women on Behalf of the Holy Temple held another historic event, renewing the Omer harvest and offering of the new barley crop on Sunday.

The reenactment of the offering and training session for kohanim priestly descendants was held on the 16th of Nisan in the Jewish calendar, the same day when the Omer offering was performed in the Holy Temple in ancient times.

Offering the Omer is a commandment from the Torah, and was instituted to be held annually at the Temple. It marks the first day of the fifty day countdown from Pesach up until the Shavuot holiday, which commemorates the receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai in Biblical times.

The event was held as part of the Temple Institute's activities to prepare for renewed Temple service at the time of the Third Temple.

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