Houthi forces in Yemen (file)
Houthi forces in Yemen (file)Reuters

The Saudi Arabia-led, nine-member Arab coalition has made great gains in Yemen Tuesday, according to Al-Arabiya, pummeling the Iran-backed Houthis in a series of airstrikes.

The coalition shelled the Houthi's Air Defense Brigade 630 near the al-Hudaydah overnight Monday, sources stated to the daily, as well as destroying a missile depot west of Sanaa.

164 civilians have died in the bombings in the past week alone, according to the Guardian - the latest casualties in the fallout from the Middle East's newest civil war.

The Arab coalition is mainly led by Riyadh, but also includes several Gulf allies, including Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, and Kuwait.

Saudi Arabia also says it has support from Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco and Pakistan.

Houthi rebels continue meanwhile their push southwards in Yemen, with fierce fighting breaking out in the key southern port city of Aden on Monday in a battle that sees Iran, via its proxy ,pitted against forces backed by Sunni states headed by Saudi Arabia. About 140 people were estimated to have died in Aden as of Monday night.

Meanwhile, the fighting in Yemen has created a flood of refugees, according to CNN, as several countries rush to evacuate their citizens out of the embattled country.

India has evacuated some 2,500 people from Yemen, most of them to Djibouti. China, too, has evacuated some 450 people, according to The Diplomat, mostly on frieght ships sent for that purpose.