Activists have issued a video pressuring African countries not to help Israel solve its infiltrator problem.

The video follows reports that Israel is negotiating deals with with Rwanda and Uganda, in which the countries will absorb Africans who infiltrated into Israel, in return for lucrative trade deals.

The video tells the countries that they should not help Israel deport the illegal infiltrators, whom they insist on calling “asylum seekers” and “refugees.”

The activists – one of whom seems to be an Israeli Jew, and the second, an infiltrator, say: "There are 350,000 refugees in Uganda and 72,000 in Rwanda. Why should you accept 45,000 more? Shouldn't Israel, as a modern, democratic country, deal with its own refugees?”

Statements from Uganda in recent days indicate that it is not interested in the arrangement. Rwanda has confirmed that a deal is being worked out.

Nationalists blame leftist groups and news media for revealing the identities of the countries involved in the infiltrator deal, in order to embarrass them and cause them to withdraw from it.

“Today there are about 45,000 African asylum seekers in Israel. 34,000 are from Eritrea and 8,000 from Sudan,” claims the text accompanying the video, which is presented in the name of “a group of Israeli activists in touch with the asylum seeker communities.”

"When they arrived in Israel, the government dropped them off in the poorest parts of Tel Aviv and government ministers have been busy inciting the public against the asylum seekers, instead of making it possible for them to live with dignity and freedom,” the group claims.

In fact, far-left NGOs are the ones who have been inciting the infiltrators against Israel and the Jewish population, organizing them in massive marches and demonstrations and fighting for their “right” to stay in Israel in the media and the courts.

“Now the Israeli government has introduced a new hardship for the asylum seekers – forcing them to choose between deportation and prison,” the subversives write. “The new plan was announced a few days ago, no official procedure has been published, and yet dozens are already being processed.

“The state is telling asylum seekers that they can either go to prison or go to a new country (which they do not name) where they will be able to work, receive legal status, and enjoy a better life.

“In reality, the countries of destination are Uganda and Rwanda. Israel claims it has agreements with these two countries for properly transferring asylum seekers, agreements the government refuses to make public.”

Rwanda's President Paul Kagame confirmed the deal Thursday at a press conference in Kigali. He said that the two countries have held discussions on the topic, but did not elaborate, according to The East African.

"On Rwanda and Israel, yes, I know there has been this discussion and it has been a debate in Israel about these Africans who have migrated to Israel as they do to other European countries. Some of them are either there illegally or with different status," he said.

"I do not know the details this far, there is some package they (Israel) give them to leave, so we have been approached," Kagame added.

Israel's Interior Minister Gilad Erdan confirmed that Eritrean and Sudanese infiltrators are to be deported to Rwanda and Uganda in return for millions of dollars in lucrative sales from Israel.

"We give them a package that includes a flight and $3,500 – no small sum in these countries. They will be given visas and will be allowed to work," Erdan said.

The plan encourages the migrants to "to leave Israel in a safe and respectable way," Erdan added.

An investigative report on conservative Israeli website Mida determined that the struggle for the “rights” of the “refugees” in Israel has been spearheaded by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), and the “Center for Refugees and Immigrants”. The first received $1,100,795.41 from the New Israel Fund in 2012, and the latter received $68,689 that same year, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the residents of poorer sections of Tel Aviv, where tens of thousands of infiltrators reside, are suffering daily deprivation. Sheffi Paz, an activist for the rights of the residents there, told Mida that the leftist groups “are attacking with all guns blazing. They want the infiltrators to stay in the comfortable conditions of southern Tel Aviv, and what do they care about the lives of the residents of the area, who have been carrying this impossible burden for 8 years? What do they care about the crime rate? The lack of security on the streets? The gender curfew and the sexual terror? They take the money that the various funds give them, they pay fat salaries to the lawyers, and attack.”