Emunah march
Emunah marchShosh Shiloh

Hundreds marched between Karnei Shomron and Kedumim on Sunday, in an event in solidarity with terror victims' families dubbed the "Emunah [faith] March." 

The march, which spans about a 10-kilometer (6.2 mile) distance between the two towns, was held in memory of Rafi and Helena Halevy, who were founders of Kedumim killed in a suicide bombing; Shaked Lasker of Kedumim who was murdered at age 16; and Reut Feldman from Herzliya, who was doing National Service work in Kedumim nine years ago when she was killed at the town's entrance. The march was also in memory of Ido Zoldan, who was murdered 8 years ago near Kfar Fundak. 

The march was approved and coordinated with the IDF and security forces. 

At the end of the march, at a closing ceremony, Rabbi Tzvi Farbstein addressed the public, imploring them to continue on with faith despite attempts to murder those who hate us and hurt us, and that our response should be as the Passover Haggadah says, "through your blood shall you live." 

Hananel Dorani, chairman of the local Regional Council, acknowledged the initiative and organization and stressed our duty to continue to build to develop and strengthen our hold on Judea-Samaria for the future of the national-religious public. 

The ceremony was accompanied by music played by a girls' youth group and with the national anthem "HaTikva" and "Ani Maamin" (lit. "I believe).