Syria border (file)
Syria border (file) Reuters

An indictment was filed on Thursday in the Center District's military court against an IDF soldier accused of disclosing secret information and assisting an enemy. 

The soldier is a corporal in the IDF and a resident of Druze village Daliyat al-Karmel. 

The news was allowed for publication upon the conclusion of the investigation performed by the General Security Service, the main unit of the military police's Special Investigations Unit, and the Israel Police. 

According to the indictment, in the past few months, the soldier has been passing on classified information about IDF activity along the Israel-Syria border. 

This information passed along is of the nature that it could definitively harm national security, the indictment says. 

The soldier relayed the information to a private citizen, believed to be a spy, while he was working as part of the security forces in the Golan Heights, along Israel's border with Lebanon. 

An indictment was also filed against the citizen several days ago in the Nazareth District Court. He is charged with a number of security offenses including aggravated espionage and contact with a foreign agent. 

According to that indictment, the citizen relayed the information he received from the IDF soldier to administration and intelligence officials in Syria. 

At the arraignment for the IDF soldier, the prosecution requested that the military court order the defendant's detention throughout the ensuing trial.

A gag order was also placed on the classified details of the case. 

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