Arab throws rocks (file)
Arab throws rocks (file) Flash 90

The Deputy commander of the Gush Etzion Brigade, Lt. Col. Dotan Rovner, was injured Monday afternoon, after a Palestinian Arab threw a rock at him during rioting near Beitar Illit. 

Rovner was treated at the scene by IDF medics and did not require transfer to hospital. 

The rioting had broken out in the area due to "Land Day," a commemoration of the so-called land "expropriations" in the Galilee and the Negev which were first announced in 1976. During ensuing riots and clashes with Israeli security forces, a number of Arab rioters were killed. 

Several riots broke out nationwide Monday to "celebrate" the holiday.

Israeli Arab leaders threatened an "explosion" earlier Monday over what they claim is Israel "seizing land" in the south. 

Speaking about the March 30 remembrance day, Chairman of the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab citizens of Israel, Muhammad Zeidan, claimed that Israel was "confiscating" land from Arabs in the Negev.

Claims that Israel is "seizing" land from Bedouins in the south are often made by anti-Israel activists, as scores of illegal Arab settlements spring up in the area. In fact, numerous reports have debunked those claims, particularly given that the settlements in question have only sprung up over the last several years.