Hamas supporter in Jerusalem (file)
Hamas supporter in Jerusalem (file)STR/Flash90

The Hamas terrorist rulers of Gaza are not closing the door on European efforts to extend the ceasefire with Israel, but in return for not launching a fourth terror war on Israelis it is demanding conditions that would limit Israel's actions in its Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria.

Salah Bardawil, the official spokesperson of Hamas and a senior figure in the movement, told the terrorist group's propaganda paper Palestine on Thursday that Hamas has yet to take an official stand on the truce presented by UN Middle East Envoy Robert Serry when he visited Gaza last month.

The spokesperson claimed that since Egypt isn't pressing Israel to implement the Cairo ceasefire agreement, Serry arrived in Gaza to reach a truce extension agreement for three to five years so as to achieve regional stability, to open border crossings, to ease the reconstruction in the Hamas stronghold and to open sea access.

Bardawil emphasized that Hamas has not agreed or disagreed with Serry's proposition, because agreeing to a ceasefire requires a decision with the consensus of the Palestinian Arab organizations, and further because Hamas demands that Israel obligate itself to not taking independent action in Judea and Samaria during the course of the truce.

The talk of a three to five year truce seems to confirm a report based on documents leaked earlier this month, revealing talks between Hamas and Israel for a five-year ceasefire during which Israel would ease restrictions.

A Palestinian Authority (PA) official revealed days after the leak that Israel had lifted a longstanding ban on the import of dual-use Portland cement into Gaza, despite the fact that Hamas has been rebuilding its terror tunnels with cement transferred into Gaza by Israel since the last war ended.

Last Thursday Israeli authorities allowed 1,000 tons of cement paid for by Qatar to enter Gaza - on Monday, Gaza Belt region residents revealed they are hearing digging sounds from underground, apparently from Hamas continuing to dig its tunnels meant to attack Israeli civilian centers.