Ismail Haniyeh
Ismail Haniyeh Flash 90

Hamas has launched a new propaganda campaign against Israel - this time, claiming with the support of Palestinian Arabs and "human rights" organizations that Gaza "is still under Israeli Occupation." 

In a broadcast on Hamas's new website, former Hamas government head Ismail Haniyeh stated that Gaza was "liberated" from the "occupier," and that the liberation is "proof that fighting can fulfill the hopes of our people and realize aspirations of a return to freedom and independence." 

Haniyeh apparently failed to forge the connection between the terms "liberation" and "freedom," however. 

"Our problem, our enemy, and our struggle is for the land of Palestine, and our gun is aimed only at the occupier, who steals our land," Haniyeh stated.

"We are not fighting the Jews because they are Jews, but we are fighting those who occupied the country and plunder the holy places and expelled our people and carried out massacres." 

Haniyeh also stressed Hamas's determination to establish a Palestinian 'Right of Return' to Israel and to secure terrorist releases.